About Us

Aapni News is a web portal which was launched in August 2019. Although Hanuman Poonia, the director of Aapni News, has been in journalism since 2008. Since then Hanuman Poonia has been a reporter in many national newspapers and has done journalism in Sirsa district of Haryana in regional news channels. Hanuman Poonia has also run his own evening daily newspaper for about 3 years from the year 2012 to 2014. Apart from that he has also operated weekly news paper till the year 2021. Hanuman Poonia started journalism from the year 2019 on social media or say internet media. Initially, Hanuman Poonia started journalism by creating a news channel on YouTube, after that he did journalism on other platforms of social media by creating his account in the name of Aapni News. At the same time, within 2019, by creating this website, we are working to send regional and country and foreign news to you through it. The special thing is that we do fair and fearless journalism.